Orienta Beach


"Orienta is a place. It is an idea. Some of the people who have literally grown up here over the years might also describe it as an emotion. It has been, and will continue to be, a wholesome atmosphere in which very young people discover who they are and what they can do, where teenagers learn and experience the process of meeting the challenges of adulthood and where their parents and grand-parents enjoy the competitive spirit and pleasant camaraderie of group interests, athletic activities, and social contacts with congenial peers"

- Mr. John E. O'Brien, President of Orienta in 1971

A small group of Westchester County residents met together several times at the Wykagyl Country Club in New Rochelle in the Winter of 1923-24. Finally, on January 14th, 1924 they organized the Orienta Beach Club. They desired a private bathing beach with the facilities of an exclusive club.
There is a very strong thread that weaves itself through the history of the Orienta Beach Club and the Dolphin Yacht Club. This thread is a composition of the high standards, moral character and family orientation that the original members possessed when they established the Club. It is visible in a review of the year books and annual reports still available. These qualities have stood the test of time. Each of us in some way is indebted to those people and to their successors who have carried on the fine traditions of Orienta.
The property now occupied by Orienta Beach Club went through a number of ownership changes. Alfred E. Marshall Esq. built the main portion of the present edifice. The mansion was named “Marleton House” and a large foundation stone to the right of the front door notes the date, July 5, 1900. It is rumored that Mr. Marshall never actually lived on the property for, as the story goes, Mr. Marshall was working on the skylights in what we call the Winter House where he fell from a scaffolding, broke his leg, and passed away. The mansion was converted into a girls finishing school named “Oaksmere”, then in 1924 it became the Orienta Beach Club.

“The name ‘Orienta Point’ was given by a resident, who was so charmed by the splendor of the rising sun that it seemed oriental in its beauty.”